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Professional Cleaners

Ready to jumpstart your career

with SWEEP and get moving

towards financial freedom? 


SWEEP’s goal is to give you financial freedom and the ability to work on your own schedule. Cleaning jobs have earned a reputation for being really hard work without enough compensation. Not anymore! Within SWEEP, not only is your hourly wage higher than the industry standard, you can also choose to form a team of cleaning professionals that will earn you an added bonus every month. Everyone within SWEEP is eligible to become a team leader.


You can register here, or download the SWEEP app. You will be guided through a few questions in order to build your profile. Once your profile is complete, you will then need to answer a few questions in order to complete a comprehensive background check. The background check should be returned within 2-5 business days. After that, just log onto the app to set your work preferences and gather your cleaning gear. You’re ready to start earning serious money! Make sure you go to our Resource Center where you will be able to receive more instructions and to learn what to expect.


In order to partner with SWEEP, you must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid state ID, social security number, and clean criminal record. The only other prerequisite is a desire for success.


Cleaning professionals are free to use whatever products they want for standard cleaning as long as they are fragrant free.


The demand for Green cleaning is growing constantly.  At SWEEP, you have the option to participate in either standard or Green cleaning jobs. For our cleaning professionals that would like to offer Green services, we have a convenient store within our app. To ensure standards are met, Green cleaning services must use the products that are found within the SWEEP store. Your account will become eligible for Green cleaning service within 24 hours of your first confirmed Green product purchase.


Take a look at our Resource Center, where you can watch best practice videos to help you get started.  Each video and the resources available can help you to hone your skills as a professional cleaner. The Resource Center shares some new techniques and even discusses which products work better for certain environments and specific surfaces.


There are no anonymous customers.  All customers have provided their name, phone number, and address.  When you accept a job, we will know exactly who they are.  Your jobs are timed.  We know where you are supposed to be and how long you are supposed to be there.  When jobs aren’t completed within the expected time, we will reach out to you to confirm your safety.

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