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Sanitizing Products

COVID Certification

SWEEP Professional Cleaners Are Now Covid Certified!

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To ensure the safety of our cleaners and our valued customers the following guidelines are now mandatory until further notice.

1.) A face mask that covers the mouth and nose completely.

2.) Shoe covers or booties

3.) Gloves


  • Shoe covers and gloves need will be discarded after every appointment and new shoe covers and gloves will be used for each appointment. 


  • Rags and cloths must will be changed after every appointment. Our cleaners will not reuse rags and cloths until they have been washed and sanitized. 


  • Our cleaners will adhere to the CDC guidelines and put forth an effort to stay 6 feet away from any customer who is present.


  • Before reusing any equipment, our cleaners will sanitize it with approved sanitizers from the most up to date CDC guidelines and protocols.


  • All high traffic areas such as door knobs and light switches etc, will be sanitized to prevent any possible transmission and to keep it sterilized. All Sanitizers and products will be carefully studied and SWEEP will relay to our professionals what areas the sanitizers cannot be used. 


  • Our number one priority is both the customer and our professionals who put themselves at risk by delivering a valued service. If our professional cleaners do not feel comfortable with any particular jobs, they reserve the right to cancel the appointment. 

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SWEEP is a Chicago born and bred company. We are located in Chicago and operate throughout Chicagoland. Don’t worry-we come to you!

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