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SWEEP Professional Cleaners Are Now Covid Certified! Contact us today to see how this can benefit you!




These estimates are based on the size of your home: square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and how deep of a cleaning you need. To compensate for possible changes in your appointment time we do not charge your card until after the cleaning is complete. 


To see a complete cleaning checklist please click:


Standard Cleaning Products

Professionals bring their own products


Standard Cleaning/use your own products

Professionals will use products that are specified by you

Green Cleaning Products

Professionals bring green products

*We have partnered with a premium manufacturer to bring you green cleaning, using environmentally-friendly products.


How are we different?

With SWEEP, you have the freedom to schedule your cleanings by the size of your home, this makes it easy to understand which selection works best. There is no commitment involved and you are not bound to setting up recurring appointments if you do not wish to do so.


Starting with SWEEP is simple: all you need to do is go to our booking page and book your home cleaning. Once you go to our booking page, you can then choose what type of cleaning you would like done: standard cleaning, deep cleaning or a move-in/ move-out cleaning.  Once you provide what type of cleaning you desire and the square footage of your home including all of your details, a professional will be assigned to you based on your location. 


You can book as many individual cleanings as you would like or even schedule recurring cleanings. If you are satisfied with a professional cleaner’s work, you can easily rebook with them. All you have to do is go through the booking page once again, if you want to book the same cleaner as last time, simply enter their name in the notes section and we handle the rest for you.

* SWEEP charges the total amount of a booked cleaning if the customer does not cancel the appointment within 72 hours of the appointment. If the cleaner shows up to the residence or business at the scheduled time and are unable to reach the customer or start the cleaning due to failure on the customers part we reserve the right to bill for the full cost of the scheduled cleaning.


* Due to very high demand for appointments on Saturdays we are applying a $40 surcharge to cleanings booked on Saturday. 

Modern Chicago Skyline


SWEEP is a Chicago born and bred company. We are located in Chicago and operate throughout Chicagoland. Don’t worry-we come to you!


At SWEEP, the safety of our customers and professionals is our top priority. We run comprehensive background checks on each professional to ensure they have a clean background. Each professional is carefully vetted by us to confirm the validity of each background check.

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