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Professional Cleaners




We are excited to welcome you to the SWEEP Platform! We hope that you are able to utilize SWEEP to the fullest and enjoy being apart of it. When SWEEP was being built, we constantly thought of how we could make your life better. To help you get started and to fully understand our expectations we created this guide for your convenience. 

Standard Procedures


  • Be on time to every appointment.

  • Check-in via text to 708-982-0587 when you arrive at your appointment and when you leave.

  • When doing a job in the city of Chicago, leave early! Allow yourself an extra 15-20 minutes to find parking, gather your things and arrive on time.

  • If you have an emergency and can’t make a cleaning, let us know ASAP. Failure to do so will get you dropped immediately from the SWEEP Platform.  Canceling a cleaning job within 72 hours of a job will result in a $20 fee.

  • Make sure you read the areas of focus before starting a job.

  • The customer may want you to do other cleaning tasks that are not included in the focus areas on the appointment notes, make sure you follow the customer’s directions.  If you estimate that these additional tasks will take more time than what the customer booked please inform the customer and ask him/her to prioritize the tasks.

  • If the customer asks if you can stay extra time, you must check with our SWEEP Process Manager Brando first, especially if you have other appointments scheduled the same day.

  • If you are working with a teammate, both of you are responsible for the quality of the cleaning and customer satisfaction. To accomplish this take time to check each other's work before telling the customer you are done, or if the customer is not present, before leaving the apartment.

  • While you are working, double check your work. When you are finished, check your work again.

  • Try and use all the time that the customer has requested. If you finish early, find other things to do. 

  • If you get to a job and you know it will take more time, reach out to us  immediately.

  • All green cleanings must use the SWEEP cleaning products or other approved green cleaning products.

  • Come prepared to every appointment. Bring everything you need even if the customer says they have it.

  • You are responsible for supplying your own cleaning supplies.  Please use products that don’t have a strong smell.  Stay away from products like Fabuloso. Avoid using any type of carpet deodorant product. 

  • After completing a cleaning, if the Customer is present, do a walk through with them and see if there is anything else that they would like you to clean. 

  • Check in before and after all appointments.

  • An appointment isn’t considered complete until the cleaning checklist has been sent to us. Failure to send in a completed checklist will result in delayed payment. 

  • Taking any clients found by SWEEP and cleaning for them outside the SWEEP Platform will result in a $500 fine per client. This non compete agreement will last from your start date to two years after your final day using the Sweep Platform.

By signing this standard procedures guide, you agree to follow these rules and regulations

You have now successfully completed the Independent Contractor Agreement. Please review our employee guidelines and watch the video below to learn more about what .makes SWEEP unique and how utilizing our platform will set you on a greater path to success. Once you are done reviewing our company guidelines please sign below to acknowledge that you understand our policies. 

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